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In April 2014, 31-year-old Phoebe Eales had a mole removed at a regular skin check. It was melanoma. Five months later, Phoebe felt a lump in her neck. It was melanoma. Her battle with melanoma continued with countless check-ups, scans, surgery, radiation and immunotherapy, and ended in November 2015 with this aggressive melanoma taking her life. During her final days, she reached out to her brother-in-law Chris Conyard and asked him to help those who were also fighting against melanoma.

In April 2016, Chris and eleven of his mates completed ‘Million Metres for Melanoma’ which saw them break the world record for the fastest team to row one million metres on an indoor rowing machine. During the gruelling three-day event they managed to raise over $132,000 which was donated towards melanoma research in loving memory of Phoebe Eales.

In October 2018, the boys are saddling up to do it all again! This time the ‘Million Metres for Melanoma’ fundraising event will see them try to break the world record for the fastest team to run one million metres on a treadmill. In order to achieve this the boys will need to run at world record pace for 82 hours! The event will be held at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital on October 16, 2018. All money donated will go towards setting up the new melanoma unit at the hospital to provide individuals and families with support during their fight against this aggressive cancer.

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